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After a water leak, homeowners often hire a contractor to make emergency repairs.  Contractors and homeowners and insurers often disagree about the cost to repair.  Read this article to learn how insurers, contractors, and the legislature are trying to resolve this dispute.

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Johnson Strategies authored a fantastic post today about the impact of assignment of benefit claims on insurers and how the Homeowners’ Policy and Claims Bill of Rights Working Group is trying to address this problem.

How much are insurers losing as a result of the AOB claims?  Here is a quote from the post:

Addressing fraud this systemic starts with understanding that water damage claims are number one across all insurers–approaching 50% of  the total annual claim payout, with an average claim often in excess of $10,000. Using Citizens as a gauge, the 2012 total forecasted payout just for bursting pipes (not weather related roof leaks, or back up of sewers, etc) was in excess of $142,000,000. 

Using a hypothetical carrier with 180,000 policies I showed how just the deductible and plumbers’ referral fee resulted in fraudulent claim inflation of $3,375,000 every year.  

For all Florida property carriers including Citizens that’s roughly $150 million annually.

Then…when you add in the cost of unnecessary repairs, unnecessary drying services or water detection and the rank-and-file up-charging that everyone knows (and ICA workshop testimony confirms) is rampant, well…you get the ugly picture.

See the full post here (parentheticals omitted)(emphasis added).

Johnson Strategies suggests the legislature address the following concerns:

  • the substantial financial incentive for plumbers to refer AOB contractors;
  • AOB contractors perform all of the water damage mitigation services;
  • loose licensing requirements;
  • no required permits;
  • no required inspections; and
  • no requirement for pre-work estimates.

The Working Group made suggestions to address all of these concerns. Now, we must wait to see whether identifying these issues will be followed with a genuine solution from the legislature.


Although this may lead some carriers to take approaches based on emotion, assignment of benefits cases are the perfect type of case for statistical data evaluations to drive decision making.  They are also the perfect type of case to use document automation and litigation project management to achieve better outcomes at a fraction of the costs.

Don’t hire attorneys to have junior associates get you nowhere on these files for millions of dollars.  If you want checklists, guides, or legal document templates for handling claims like this one, please message me.

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