Tropical Storm Erika Projected to Make Landfall in Florida Soon


Updated on 8/29 at 8:27 AM.

Tropical Storm Erika may be making landfall in Florida early next week.

Here is a recap of the other most important facts:

  • the current winds are at 40 MPH
  • its moving swiftly WNW at 20MPH
  • Erika’s new projected path takes it along the west coast of Florida.

In the past, we have written a great deal about Florida homeowners insurance claims for hurricane damage.

Here are links to some of our best resources:

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In those articles, we talk about how things have changed since the last hurricane season, and we remind everyone about the sheer volume of claims they can expect.

It’s also worth noting that, due to the recent AOB/water mitigation epidemic, insurers may find themselves involved in 2 to 4 disputes for every home – one with the plumber, one with the mitigation contractor, one with the roofer, and one with the plumber. The amount of lawsuits that could arise out of a hurricane may be more difficult to forecast than the actual hurricane path itself.

As always, we at CaseGlide and First Party Property Insurance Blog will be serving our clients with updated information on their claims and litigation. Should Tropical Storm Erika make landfall here in Florida, we will work together with all of our hundreds of insurance and insurance defense attorney users to lay out the plan for efficiently and effectively resolving disputed claims. Using analytics, automation, and workflows, many insurers and attorneys are in a much better position than they were ten years ago to limit the impact of the lawsuits on indemnity and expenses.

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