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I hope you have been enjoying some of the recent posts about insurance claims litigation innovation. In response to these articles, I know that a lot of you have reached out to me, so this article is for you – the First Party Property Insurance Blog Community.

I have such an impressive list of subscribers to this Blog, including executives and adjusters from virtually all of the top insurance companies in Florida; executives and adjusters from many large national insurers; leaders at many of the law firms handling insurance claims; executives at impressive insurance company consulting partners; and dozens of public adjusters.

I know a lot of you like to stay anonymous. For some of you, I understand why. But for others – people whose income depends on the business they generate at their company – I have no idea why you wouldn’t have already reached out to me and offered your analysis on the Blog. Why wouldn’t you want you message to reach our hundreds of influential subscribers and thousands of viewers per month?

Whatever the reason, I’m calling on you to respond to this post.

Here are some article ideas that I would love to see some of the Community write. If you would be interested in writing any of these articles, I will post them to the Blog and give you full credit:

  • new ways law firms are innovating to provide their clients with better outcomes
  • new ways law firms are innovating to provide their clients with less expensive services
  • new ways to practice preventitive law – suggestions to avoid disputed claims and cases before they happen
  • litigation solutions to the assignment of benefits issue
  • nonlitigation solutions to the assignment of benefits issue
  • outlining the use of “loss consultants” in Florida homeowners insurance claims and their legal boundaries, if any
  • new ways for law firms representing to collaborate to jointly serve their clients (especially insurance defense law firms)
  • emerging trends in homeowners insurance claims and cases
  • new technology tools law firms are using in their practices
  • recommendations for handling the currently debated issue of what are conditions precedent  in a Florida insurance policy, and what aren’t
  • recent success stories and resulting recommendations (my last post about a successful case for CSK was shared with nearly 1,000 people)
  • recommendations for enhancing a proposal for settlement’s validity in insurance claims litigation

Insurance company executives: if I left out anything you would like to see in an article, please message me privately and let me know. I will keep your request confidential and make sure to address your suggested topic.

If you don’t want to contribute, then I will eventually get around to writing on all of these and get all of the credit. If you can contribute, though, I highly recommend doing so. I am even okay with you sharing a link to your website or your company’s website so your bosses are okay with the promotion. I can’t promise you any results or new business if you write one of these articles, but my own experience indicates that it will wind up being an extremely valuable decision.

I’m extremely excited about what this post could stir up. If you have any questions, please let me know!


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