Citizens Approves Another Round of Florida Homeowners Insurance Takeouts

Citizens Home Insurance Florida


The Citizens takeouts continue. Insurers were recently authorized to assume nearly 100,000 policies from Citizens. Read more to find out the companies involved in this round of takeouts, and how successful the recent takeouts have been.

Update on Citizens Takeouts

Florida regulators approved Florida insurers to assume approximately 93,500 policies from Citizens. The companies and their allotment include:

  • Mount Beacon: 35,000
  • Anchor Property & Casualty: 28,000
  • Heritage: 20,500
  • Southern Oak: 10,000

The Tampa Tribune gave us some interesting statistics on how many of these recent takeout approvals actually converted to takeouts. In 2014, although approximately 1.1M policies were approved for assumption, insurers only assumed approximately 415,000.

In the last two years, Citizens has seen its policy count decrease from approximately 1.5M to 661,000. As a result, Citizens’s exposure has decreased from $510B to $200B.

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