American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida

American Integrity Insurance Company

American Integrity Insurance Company

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

Location of Business Written: Florida


American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida (“American Integrity”) is one of the most innovative Florida homeowners insurers.

Based in Tampa, Florida, American Integrity has a leadership team that is respected throughout the industry. In his 25+ years in the industry, CEO Robert Ritchie has held executive roles with American Modern, AIG, CNA, and GE Insurance Solutions. Mr. Ritchie is an analytical leader who founded American Integrity to provide stability to the Florida homeowners insurance market. American Integrity’s leadership team also includes recognized experts in the Florida insurance industry, including Senior Vice President, Jon Ritchie; Senior Vice President, Teresa Heller; and Anne Kevlin, VPĀ Litigation, among others.

American Integrity provides the industry with a wealth of knowledge and insight. You can find educational information here, and an extremely valuable blog here outlining many of the trending Florida homeowners insurance issues.


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